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Australia's International Cyber and Critical Technology Engagement Strategy - public submission

June 2020

Sydney & Canberra, Australia

Public Submission paper:

In April 2020, DFAT sought public submissions to their upcoming revision to the International Cyber Engagement Strategy (ICES) to guide international engagement across the full range of Australia's interests in cyber affairs. 

Australia must correct a critical market failure in its cyber security services and capability. There are opportunities, as part of a larger nationally coordinated effort as a good global citizen, to actively create new jobs, and new sources of prosperity for Australia. 

In addition to economic prosperity, other outcomes of value include trust. In these distrustful times, where data integrity is a work in progress and society seems dominated by division and fear, cyber security and privacy help elevate economic and social engagement based on reliable information. DFAT’s updated cyber engagement strategy can assist in reaffirming good culture and behaviour, at home and abroad.

This submission was co-authored with Dr Leif Hanlen, adjunct Professor of Health at the University of Canberra, adjunct Associate Professor of ICT at the Australian National University. Leif is also a European Union-invited keynote speaker on RegTech, and a regular international technology reviewer for the Science Foundation of Ireland. Leif is currently Executive Director at Synergy Group, where he leads Strategic Data for Australian Government Agencies

image credit: stokpic from Pixabay 

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