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COVID19 - Cyber Security in a Pandemic 

August 2020

Sydney, Australia

Digital Magazines:

COVID19 has shown to be devastating in both human impact and societal consequences. Part of a family of viruses that attacks the human respiratory system, in the past 8 months, with no vaccine in sight, globally our health systems have been stretched to the point of exhaustion, businesses shutdown (slimmed down or repositioned) and our people forced to self isolate or quarantine to 'flatten the curve'. Businesses and organisations worldwide have had to adapt to survive - contactless, remote working, digital and logistics. What's more, the malicious actors haven't wasted the opportunity of such a crisis. Is this the new normal? 


Alongside my co-author Tony Vizza, Director of Cyber Security Advocacy (ISC)2, we explore the cyber security considerations in our current COVID19 world.

Many thanks to the Australian Information Security Association  and AISA for the publications.

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