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Forrester's Capturing Innovation In Your Security Program Report

January 2020


Report links:

Early stage and startups/ scaleups in cybersecurity provide organisations with a means of expanding and diversifying the talent pool, while accessing incredible innovations. Lets face it, the malicious actors are innovating at speed, so we defenders need to up our game and our past ways of working are not sufficient.


There's incredible and significant value to be had in collaborating with emerging technology companies world-wide, and Australia is now seeing similar talent and ideas spring from its shores. As a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Executive, it can be challenging to identify, assess and engage such entrepreneurs and innovations. Why? And how do you go about it without stifling the innovation we so need?  

I was excited that Forrester's Cyber Security researcher's took up these questions and produced a report to help guide those collaborations. I also had the chance to share my expertise and experiences as a CISO and entrepreneur/ innovation ecosystem advocate in this report.

Check out the links for the report and insights.


Here's to more collaboration with entrepreneurs and businesses!

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